Shearer's Wins Crain's Leading EDGE Award for the Sixth Year

Published: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brewster, Ohio: The 2012 Crain’s Leading EDGE Awards recognized an elite group of mid- sized companies driving value for Northeast Ohio at the dinner and program held at The University of Akron on May 16, 2012. This program annually recognizes 100 companies generating significant value for themselves and the Northeast Ohio region. Value as de- fined by EDGE is a sum of total taxable compensation and earnings before interest and taxation. Bob Shearer, Chairman and CEO, was the featured speaker for the awards dinner.

Nominees are companies from the 17-county Northeast Ohio area with annual sales between $1 and $750 million. The data gathered during the nomination process is analyzed to reveal companies generating the highest “value” for themselves and the community. Year-after-year the research shows that firms with the highest aggregate value successfully manage innovation, spend more regionally with our local vendors, and are in a position to generously give back to our community.

Additionally, Shearer’s Foods was a proud co-sponsor of The Richard Shatten Award. Mr. Shatten gave his time tirelessly to the Northeast Ohio community before his passing in 2003. In his memory, The Shatten Award is presented each year to an exceptional company that goes well beyond the norm in giving back and supporting the Northeast Ohio. Shearer’s Foods was The Shatten Award winner in 2008.

The Entrepreneurs EDGE (Economic Development through Growth and Entrepreneurship) is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping middle-market companies in Northeast Ohio grow their value, while building a culture that is supportive of entrepreneurial ventures. The Leading EDGE Award measures, tracks and recognizes companies that are creating the most value for themselves as well as for the community. It establishes meaningful benchmarks to give a more thorough indication of our regional economic health.