Salty Snack Co-Manufacturing

Shearer’s Snacks offers a full range of salty snack co-manufacturing capabilities. We’ll partner with you to develop, produce and ship delicious salty snacks including: potato chips, kettle cooked potato chips, sheeted tortilla chips, corn chips, and extruded snacks, such as single screw extrusion cheese curls, hull-less puffcorn and twins screw extruded multigrain chips.

By ensuring quality and consistency through every step of the production process at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we make the highest quality snacks in every bag. Leverage the Shearer’s legacy of dedication to salty, crunchy snack food excellence by partnering with us to co-manufacture a winning salty snack portfolio.

Learn more about Shearer’s Snacks' co-manufacturing capabilities in order to produce your desired salty snacks.