Salsa Cruda

Translated, Salsa Cruda means “raw sauce.” One bite, and you’ll know what it means – no translation needed. This salsa is coarsely chopped and freshly made for a classic salsa flavor. Also known as pico de gallo, salsa picada or salsa fresca, this classic dip has a great depth of fresh flavors. Take our advice and make a double batch. It’ll disappear fast!

  • Recipe


    4 small tomatoes seeded and diced
    2 tbsp. finely sliced green onion
    1/2 cup finely chopped cilantro
    1 medium jalapeno pepper seeded and finely chopped
    1 tbsp red wine vinegar
    1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
    2 tbsp olive oil
    1/4 tbsp salt
    1/4 tbsp fresh ground pepper
    Shearer’s Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips


    1. Combine tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro in a non-reactive (non-metal) bowl.
    2. Add vinegar, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper; mix well.
    3. Let rest and chill for 30 minutes to allow flavors to blend.
  • Reviews
    Heather 7/7/2016 3:31:44 PM
    FRESH SALSA. is there more to life? SO GOOD.
    Ed 3/11/2015 4:43:38 PM
    Love it!

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Salsa Cruda
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