Rachel's Original Kettle Chips

Delicious, golden fried potatoes, sure to please. These chips have the perfect amount of crunch and saltiness. Gluten free, no MSG's and no preservatives.

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    Charlie Rhodes II 8/14/2016 4:10:13 PM
    I first tried Rachels chips when our local Festival Foods in Fond du Lac Wi had them on an end cap, about a year ago. They tasted FANTASTIC, the information I read on the package hit home with me. I now only eat Rachels for chips, but our Festival doesn't seem to have a regular supply.When they do I'm buying 3 bags of each, but it's been months since they had any in when we come to shop. I do mention we are looking for them, but the word is to try back at another time. Too bad i can't order them direct.

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