Our Snack Making Process

We’ve been perfecting our snack-making process since 1979, when we started hand-cooking potato chips in a single kettle. Since then, we’ve invested significantly in state-of-the-art quality and food safety systems. Today, Shearer’s Snacks operates eight manufacturing plants and 70 production lines, which produce more than 40,000 pounds of snacks every hour.

We start with wholesome, quality ingredients combined according to rigorously tested recipes. Our products are carefully crafted to ensure optimal flavor and then cooked to perfection. With advanced equipment and trained professionals, we monitor quality throughout our entire production process.

It’s important to note that we’re committed to sustainability in every step of our snack-making process. Our Millennium Manufacturing Facility in Massillon, Ohio, became the first snack manufacturing plant in the world to achieve the highest sustainability award for environmental responsibility. Through comprehensive energy and waste management programs at every location, we strive to maintain sustainable production processes.

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