Living the Southern Life along the River in Newport

If you want to live in a town that is full of charm and history, look no further than Newport, Arkansas. With ten properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a rich legacy of industry and agriculture, Newport captures the charm and hominess of small-town America.

Residents of Newport love strolling through one of the beautiful community parks or spending a lazy day fishing on the banks of the White River. Golf enthusiasts can play a full eighteen at one of the two private clubs in the area, or families can enjoy one of the local diners or shops on a beautiful spring day.

The Best in Affordability

Newport is not only one of the most affordable towns in the state of Arkansas, it is one of the most affordable towns in the nation. Get a lot of “bang for your buck” with housing, utilities and groceries and still have a little money left over for fun.

Several national corporations and manufacturers have moved operations to the area in the last few decades, and invest in their teams and community. This means there are lots of opportunities to benefit from the growth in the area without feeling it in your wallet.

The Best in Education

Not only is the economy growing, access to the best in education lies in this town. Arkansas State University has a campus in Newport, which makes starting your education easier than ever. Or, take a class or two to build your resume or learn a new skill.

The elementary and high school district has a history of excellence, plus award-winning student clubs and organizations. Catch a football game on Friday night, or view a student play. Either way, Newport schools are invested in educating the whole person and instilling both character and knowledge into each student.

The Best (Access to) Big City Experience

Just 90 minutes away from Newport lies Little Rock, Arkansas’ state capital. Little Rock is the perfect not-too-big city with amazing dining, a full nightlife and world-class entertainment. Or, if nightlife isn’t your thing, the Arkansas River Trail has 15 miles of scenic riverfront run, walk or bike paths for people of all fitness abilities.

As one of the biggest tourist destinations in the state, there’s always something to do in Little Rock. Or, if Little Rock isn’t your flavor, take a short day trip to Jonesboro, AR or Memphis, TN.

Shearer’s is proud to have a presence in Newport, where we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand the hard work and pride this town puts into everything they do.

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