Kettle Chip Krispy Treats

Is there anything better than the combination of salty and sweet? These Krispy Treats combine fluffy marshmallow with the crunch of our Original Kettle Chips and are sure to please just about any palate. 

  • Recipe


    4 tbsp butter
    5 cups mini marshmallows
    4 cups Rice Krispies
    1 cup mini chocolate chips
    2 cups coarsely crushed Shearer's Original Kettle Cooked Potato Chips


    1. Melt butter and mini marshmallows in a large pot over medium heat.
    2. Turn off heat and slowly add cereal and crushed chips. Mix well.
    3. Slowly add in the chocolate chips. Because the mixture will still be warm, the chocolate will melt.
    4. Line a 9x9 inch pan with parchment paper. Spread mixture evenly over the parchment paper and into the pan. Set aside to cool.
    5. Once completely cooled, cut into squares. 
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    Abagail 7/7/2016 2:47:58 PM
    the salty chips were an excellent addition to this treat! I will definitely make these again!

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Kettle Chip Krispy Treats
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