Gorgeous, Historic City with a Thriving Arts Scene

You may not have heard of Guelph, Ontario before, but it only takes a moment to see why it’s a city that’s consistently rated as Canada’s best places to live. Located in the heart of south western Ontario, residents of Guelph love the city’s mix of old and new.

Founded in 1820, Guelph was originally a settlement that was part of the Canada Company, a large private chartered British land development company. It officially became a city in 1879, but there’s nothing dusty or gritty about Guelph. In fact, the city is known throughout Canada for its cleanliness, safety and low unemployment rates, making it the perfect place to raise a family.

Always Something to Do in Guelph

Festivals, outdoor activities and community events abound in this city. From the Scottish Festival and Highland Games, to the Jazz Festival, to movie nights in the park, there’s always something fun to experience in Guelph.

Cheer on the Guelph Storm (an OHL level hockey team), visit Air U Guelph for indoor trampoline fun or hang out with thousands of butterflies at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Or, simply spend a day at the beach on Guelph Lake, where you can experience sailing, fishing or kayaking (or just lounging around).

Get around Guelph

Guelph is a city with ample transportation options, but as a bike and walk-friendly place, residents recommend enjoying as much time as possible traversing the city by two wheels or feet.

Restaurants, attractions and farmer’s markets are all accessible by foot or bike. As you walk, experience one of the many great opportunities to take a photo by one of the public art icons. Or, take a stroll to visit Guelph’s most iconic and historically beautiful attraction, Basilica of Our Lady.

Music, Art and More

If you’re a fan of live music, jazz and other genres abound throughout venues and patios in the city. Art is everywhere, with many opportunities to create your own, especially with classes for all ages at the Guelph School of Art. The city is also home to amazing dining, breweries and cafes, so there’s always something new to try or tempt your palate.

All in all, Guelph is the perfect place to live if you want a city that’s just right. It’s a balanced blend of history and modernity and is bursting with fun stuff to do and see.

Plus, our team in Guelph not only loves their city, but think they have the “sweetest” gig of all: this factory is where we make delicious cookies and crackers.

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