Grandpa's Back - Shearer's Foods Goes Retro

Published: Thursday, June 13, 2013

From now through September when chip lovers walk the grocery aisles they’ll find their beloved “Grandpa” cartoon staring back at them from the shelf.  But the retro packaging isn’t the only thing Shearer’s is bringing back. They’re also bringing back the traditional kettle-cooked goodness that can only be found in a Shearer’s chip. 

“Grandpa’s Choice was one of the first kettle chips introduced at Shearer’s when we started 37 years ago so we’re excited to bring back a time-honored favorite,” says Shearer’s Senior VP of Sales, Brian Newland.  “All of our products are made with the highest quality, but there’s just something about a kettle cooked chip made with 100 percent peanut oil to give it  that unique flavor and signature crunch.” 

Look for special promotions of Grandpa’s Choice 7-ounce kettle chips at your local grocery store starting  mid-June through September.