Goopy Dip

Melty cheese paired with sausage, ground beef and salsa combine to make sure this recipe lives up to its name. Goopy dip is the perfect thing to make for gatherings, as it comes together fast and is sure to be the hit of the party. Make it spicy with the zesty sausage and hot salsa – or tone it down by substituting with mild sausage and salsa. Either way, Goopy Dip is guaranteed to please when served with Shearer’s Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips.

  • Recipe


    1 lb. ground beef
    1 lb. zesty sausage
    2 lbs. Velveeta® pasteurized prepared cheese loaf (cut into small chunks)
    1 - 16 oz. jar hot salsa
    Shearer’s Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips


    1. In a crock pot, add the Velveeta cheese chunks and salsa and let melt on medium temperature.
    2. While that melts, brown the ground beef and sausage on the stovetop.
    3. Add browned beef and sausage to the cheese and salsa mixture.
    4. Let simmer on low until all is well combined (note: if consistency is too thick, add more salsa); serve with Shearer's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. 
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    Carlos 7/7/2016 2:28:55 PM
    I didn't actually make this, but my wife did. I ate all that I could- and that was all of it. SO GOOD.
    Molly Vignos 3/11/2015 4:40:51 PM
    This dip is spicy, cheesy and totally delicious!

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Goopy Dip
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