Environmental & Storeroom Leader


The Environmental & Storeroom Leader handles various areas of business in the implementation of environmental and maintenance systems. The E&S Leader directly supervises and coordinates the activities of Wastewater Technicians engaged in setup, repair, and maintaining of machinery, provides training on equipment, and keeps personnel records. The E&S Leader takes action to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, and advises plant leaders on safe work methods and practices including environmental hazards. The role will provide expert guidance and serve as a strategic partner to the site and driver of regulatory requirements. 



Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Directs and monitors the activities of employees engaged in environmental and maintenance operations and procedures

  • Lead in the development of Environmental Management System procedures for water, air, and solid and hazardous waste management
  • Manage all regulatory reporting requirements and permitting processes, including:

o    Air emissions standards and reporting

o    Wastewater standards and reporting

o    Waste management standards and reporting

o    Storm water and Spill prevention programs

o    Environmental Training

o    Collection and analysis of environmental information to quantify and report environmental impacts and performances

o    Interpretation of environmental regulations, policies and company standards

o    Effective communication and implementation of environmental regulations and policies and company standards

o    Coordinating external resources

  • Leading the achievement of site environmental targets by utilizing metrics/data to evaluate and improve work processes
  • Providing regular reports to site Leadership Team, identifying trends and proposing actions to address issues in risk management and environmental compliance.
  •          Manages department spend, initiates programs and procedures to reduce spending and enhance performance
  •          Participates in setting up the yearly maintenance budget
  •          Serve as a the primary leader to define the storeroom stocking plan


Supervises, leads, and develops team members

  •          Determines schedules, sequences, and assignments for work activities, based on work priority, quantity of equipment, and skill of personnel
  •          Provides employee safety training to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe conditions or violations of procedures and safety rules
  •          Conducts or arranges for worker training in safety, repair, or maintenance techniques, operational procedures, or equipment use
  •          Monitors employees' work levels and review work performance to drive engagement and change initiatives


Performs additional related duties as assigned


Role Contribution Level

This position is a Supervisory role. The position requires the incumbent to directly supervise employees; promote safe and efficient maintenance processes and procedures; and establish a positive work environment with people working together collaboratively. The incumbent must effectively shift from primarily directly overseeing task completion to primarily assigning tasks to others to be completed. He/she must value supervisory work, and demonstrate an ability to provide effective feedback, coaching, and motivation to employees, including difficult messages