The Continuous Improvement (CI) Manager is a member of the plant staff and leads the Focused Improvement (FI) support structure in building and sustaining the plant’s SPS (TPM/High Performing Working Systems) culture. The CI Manager reports directly to the Plant Director and receives guidance from corporate Center of Excellence, CI Director and related Pillar Leaders in the plant.

Ensures quality of execution as per Best In Class standards (defined by Shearers) and sustainability of results through implementing solid pillar processes (as per Shearer’s guidebooks).  Through the FI pillar, ensures a disciplined system is in place for loss identification and elimination connected to Compelling Business Need and Productivity Targets for the site.

The Continuous Improvement Manager is a power user and teacher of improvement tools focused on optimizing manufacturing performance (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale).The CI Manager is responsible for transferring skills and building capability in the conversion teams and ensuring improvements are sustained, consistent with SPS principles and work processes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Continuous Improvement Manager position plans and coaches the Focused Improvement effort; engages plant in creating a high performing work culture.


  •          Create Focused Improvement site master plan; own FI work processes at site-wide level (such as Kaizen, productivity cycle, RCA, etc.).
  •          Implement Health Checks to ensure the work processes consistently and effectively, deliver business results.
  •          Lead loss management of the whole site and leverage loss elimination through facilitating annual loss analysis; establish loss capture and tracking system in order to achieve the Compelling Business Needs (CBN) and productivity targets.
  •          Lead problem solving capability building in organization such as Root Cause Analysis, Kaizen, SMED and Six Sigma skills; develop methodology, perform training, coaching and assessment, in collaboration with People Development and Training pillar and other pillars.
  •          Lead the optimization of Kaizen System to engage 100% of people in Kaizen activities. Coordinate with other pillars to allocate resources on Kaizen activities. As a Lean Six Sigma expert, facilitates/coach Kaizen activities to eliminate complex losses in fields of personnel, facilities, equipment and materials to deliver on the CBN.
  •          Support other pillar leads to achieve their zero loss journey goal.
  •          Facilitate internal and external benchmarking and replication activities.
  •          Serve as a member of leadership pillar to support gives and gets and the interdependent pillar structure
  •          Ensures that behaviors, practices and the work environment support a safe workplace by enforcing safety and sanitation rules and principles
  •          Coaching Safety and Quality Manager/Coordinator to utilize FI tools (RCA) to support people and food safety


Leads and Develops Team Members & Peers

  •          Communicates effectively at all levels of the organization through both oral and written means
  •          Guides and mentors employees involved in focused improvement activities
  •          Coaches team members daily in the principles of effective continuous improvement activities
  •          Builds rapport and collaborative relationships across cross-functional teams
  •          Coaches and develops the leadership team to build an engaged and high performing work culture


Education and Work Experience

  •          Bachelor’s degree
  •          Minimum 5 years experience in a manufacturing leadership role
  •          Minimum 2 years’ experience with Manufacturing Excellence/High Performance Work Systems
  •          Minimum 2 years’ experience with improvement methods and tools (TPM, DMAIC, L6S, RCA, 5W, Kaizen, SMED, VSM)


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  •          Ability to work within an integrated operating enterprise (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Ability to coach peers and teams in executing complex programs (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Leadership Imperatives (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Action Oriented, Drive for Results (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Dealing with Ambiguity and Conflict Management (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Motivation Others, Building Effective Teams, Directing Others (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Organizational Agility (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Organized, Priority Setting, Managing and Measuring Work (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Timely Decision Making, Informing, Written Communications (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Excel, MS Office and Minitab (Skilled-advanced)
  •          Preferred certification in Lean Six Sigma
  •          Understanding of Financials and Budgeting process (Skilled-medium)