Cilantro Lime Hummus

Liven up your traditional homemade hummus with the fresh taste of cilantro, zesty lime and a kick of heat.  For an even bolder taste, dip with the delicious taste of Shearer’s Fire Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips.

  • Recipe


    2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed
    1 cup coarsely chopped cilantro leaves
    1/4 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
    1/4 cup water
    3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
    2-3 garlic cloves
    1 tsp. grated lime peel
    1/2 tsp. cayenne powder
    Pepper and garlic salt, to taste
    Shearer's Fire Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips


    1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until smooth, but not runny.
    2. Serve with Shearer’s Fire Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips and crudités. (veggie tray) Refrigerate any leftovers.
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    Leanne 8/9/2016 11:48:12 AM
    I love cilantro and I love hummus! Match made in heaven!!

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