Cheese Ball Pops

Let’s get rolling with these irresistibly creamy Cheese-Ball pops. Whether you’re looking for a light sleepover snack or if you need a bite-sized appetizer for a party, these pretzel cheese balls are just the right snack for a get together. The crunch from the pretzels and walnuts complements the creamy cheeses to make a light and fun appetizer for any crowd!

  • Recipe


    8 oz cream cheese block
    4 oz blue cheese wedge
    1 tbsp fresh chopped chives
    1 tsp ground pepper
    1 cup chopped walnuts
    1 bag Shearer’s Pretzel Sticks


    1. Mash cream cheese and blue cheese together in a mixing bowl. Then add chives and pepper.
    2. Wet hands with water and roll into 1 inch balls. Place balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours or overnight.
    3. When ready to serve, roll in walnuts, applying pressure so they adhere. Insert pretzel sticks into the center of each ball, and place on a serving platter.
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    Jason 7/7/2016 2:21:03 PM
    Little tougher to make for this dad, but perfect for making the crowd happy! We love pretzels!

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