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Five Ways to Celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with Family

For many of us, Thanksgiving revolves around two things: family and food. This year, plan a holiday celebration that goes beyond the turkey. Here are five ideas for your family:

  1. Volunteer together.
    Find a local food bank or homeless shelter, where your family can make a difference. Some organizations may have an abundance of volunteers during the holidays. If so, ask for other opportunities to help. Offer to pitch in with clean-up or consider making a donation. Once you’ve found an organization to support, remember to stick with it. Many charities need year-round volunteers.
  1. Save the shopping for Black Friday.
    This year, many retailers—including Costco, IKEA, and the Mall of America—will be closed for Thanksgiving, so their employees can enjoy the holiday. Follow their lead by spending Thursday night at home with family. Plan out your shopping agenda for the next day, and hit the stores early for Black Friday deals.
  1. Incorporate your heritage into the meal.
    Turkey and stuffing may be Thanksgiving dinner staples, but you can celebrate your family’s heritage by incorporating an authentic dish into your meal. Whether it’s a recipe that’s been passed down for generations or something entirely new, shake up your traditional meal by adding side dish that’s unique to your roots.
  1. Start a new tradition.
    Make the holidays extra special by incorporating a new tradition into your routine. Keep it fun and simple, like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or exchanging Christmas ornaments.
  1. Give thanks!
    Don’t forget the spirit of the day. Before dinner, ask your family to write down what they’re thankful for. During dessert, have everyone go around the table to share what they wrote. 

However you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, don’t let holiday stress takeover! Remember what you’re thankful for, and enjoy the extra time spent with family and friends.

How does your family spend Thanksgiving Day? Share with us in the comments!