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5 Non-Traditional Resolutions to Make (and Keep!) in 2017

You know all the “usual” resolutions: get to the gym more, get better organized, save more money, etc. You might be as tired of making them as you are of not quite accomplishing them (if you do accomplish them, you’re among the scant 8% of Americans who do!).
So here are five new, fun and non-traditional resolutions to try in 2017.

Have a Weekly Family “Date”
It doesn’t have to be dinner (which we know can be tricky with busy schedules). Instead, pick one time a week that works for everyone and make a “date” of it. Maybe it’s breakfast or Sunday football. Or, maybe it’s just 30 minutes on the weekend and you all watch your favorite show from the week. Find the thing that works best for YOUR family and enjoy it!

Explore Five New-to-You Places in Your Town
No matter how small your town is, we guarantee you haven’t experienced all of it. Find five places, statues, art exhibits, restaurants or shops to explore in your town and hit them up throughout the year (we know Ohio has some great hidden gems). You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet.

Try Five New Recipes
You don’t have to be the world’s best cook to try a new recipe. Get the kids to choose the recipe and help you shop and cook. No matter how it turns out, at least you can know you were in it together.

Institute a Quarterly “Old School Game Night”
Gather friends and family. Ask everyone to bring a snack and their favorite game for a fun, casual and relaxed night that features less screen time and more face time.

Make Up a Reason to Celebrate
Throw a house-warming party (no matter how long you’ve lived there), celebrate your doggy adoption, throw a “Christmas in July” celebration or invite everyone to an un-birthday party. Of course, you don’t need a reason to celebrate, but we think it’s fun to make one up anyway.
What are your non-traditional resolutions for 2017? Share them with us on Facebook!