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Dive in: Our Favorite Chip Dips and Spreads

We love dips! And how could we not with so many versatile flavors and fun dip recipes out there! From creamy to cheesy to guacamole, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the most delicious dips for our Shearer’s chips. Take a look at our favorite chip dip picks! More...

4 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Shearer’s Products

4 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Shearer’s Products

We’re not judging, but we know how easy it is to grab something quick and easy—say, a bag of chips—for dinner and call it done. But you are so much better than that! Let us help you find a happy medium between quick, tasty and easy for dinner tonight with these 4 dinner ideas taken straight from our recipes page. More...

The BIG Game: Best Recipes

If you’re like us, you’ve waited all season for the biggest day of the year for football fans. And this year’s match up makes the stakes even higher for that title. At Shearer’s, we love football almost as much as we love Big Game snacks! Last year, we brought you our favorite Big Game dips and this year, we’re loading up on our heartiest, most delicious Big Game recipes. More...

Tasty Treats Dad is Sure to Love

This year, instead of giving your dad the old Father’s Day standbys (cufflinks, socks and neckties) try shaking things up with something a little tastier. In this blog post, we’re offering a list of delicious gift ideas that your dad is sure to love. Whether Dad has a sweet tooth, a passion for grilling or an insatiable salt craving, we’ve got the perfect edible gift ideas! More...

The Big Game: Our Favorite Dips

Whether you're cheering for the crowd favorite or the underdog, or just here for the party, we've got you covered! It doesn't matter if you are hosting or if you've been asked to bring a covered dish, our favorite recipes below are sure to be a touchdown. Team up any one of these appetizing dips with your favorite Shearer’s products. 

Bourbon Onion Dip

Yes, you read that right. Bourbon. Onion. Dip. And it’s so easy to make! 

Sautee 2 large sweet onions (sliced or grated) over high heat in olive oil. Once they begin to cook, reduce the heat and add a half cup of your favorite bourbon. Keep the heat low and cook for an additional 40 minutes or until your onions have caramelized. Pull the onions out and place them on a cooking sheet to cool in the refrigerator. Hang on to a tablespoon of the leftover bourbon for later.

Still with us? Fire up that electric mixer because here comes the easy part:

Combine a half cup each of ricotta cheese and sour cream, along with ¾ cup of Greek yogurt. Mix until smooth. Take the onions out of the fridge and add them to the mixture. If you still have large chunks of onion, chop them more finely before adding. Throw in the last tablespoon of bourbon, a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice and you’re all set! Serve chilled with Shearer’s Kettle Cooked Chips in any flavor.

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