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Must Try Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Fans of all things sweet and salty, rejoice! We have the perfect snack for you.

These Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips are sure to be your new favorite. Trust us, the delicious crunch of your favorites Shearer’s potato chips makes the perfect companion for melted chocolate. And the combinations are endless.

You really don’t need a recipe to craft these little gems, pretty much every concoction made from melted chocolate and Shearer’s potato chips works out perfectly. For this batch pictured here, we simply melted a couple of ounces of chocolate and dipped away until the chocolate was nearly gone (or too tough to dip anymore!). More...

The History of Potato Chips

Over a century before Shearer’s Snacks became a major player in the snack food industry, the first potato chips were unintentionally sliced and fried in Saratoga, New York.

Accidental Beginnings

In 1853, a diner at Moon's Lake House ordered the restaurant’s fried potatoes, but when the thick-cut French fries arrived with his meal, the diner was not impressed. He sent the deep-fried spuds back to the kitchen, complaining that they were not thin or crispy enough for his liking.

Upset by the diner’s insult, Chef George Crum, sliced the potatoes paper-thin, salted them heavily and refried them so they were too crisp to pierce with a fork. But instead of ruining the diner’s meal, as Crum had intended, the crispy potato creation became an instant hit. More...