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4 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Shearer’s Products

4 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Shearer’s Products

We’re not judging, but we know how easy it is to grab something quick and easy—say, a bag of chips—for dinner and call it done. But you are so much better than that! Let us help you find a happy medium between quick, tasty and easy for dinner tonight with these 4 dinner ideas taken straight from our recipes page. More...

4th of July Party Ideas

Break out the red, white and blue! It’s time to start planning your 4th of July party. In this blog post, we’re offering all the decorating, entertaining and recipe ideas you need to make this year's 4th of July celebration a success. From festive tablecloths to tasty Shearer’s snacks and more, your 4th of July party is bound to be the perfect summer get-together. More...