Wild Black Japonica Rice

Our gluten-free Wild Black Japonica Rice flavor has a mildly sweet and nutty taste you’ll love. Black japonica (pronounced juh-pon-l-kuh) rice is created when a combination of short- and medium-grain rices are grown together in the same field. The result offers an unmatched flavor that can be enjoyed on its own, or a perfect pair with hummus, cheeses and fruit.

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  • Ingredients
    Bumped Japonica Rice, Rice Flour, Ground White Corn, Vegetable Oil (Contains One or More of the Following: Canola, Sunflower, Safflower, or Corn Oil), Sesame Seeds, and Sea Salt. Gluten-free.
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  • Reviews
    Paul Adams 2/6/2017 11:04:32 PM
    Outstanding flavor....they stand alone! Unfortunately, hard to find in my area!
    Paula Frohlich 11/3/2016 11:38:22 PM
    I love these chips! I use to get the big bags at Sam's Club, but they don't have them anymore. We do not have a Cosco store. I wish you would offer these chips in the large bags at the Walmarts! We have one about 2 miles from us. I have talked to several people who liked them also, but want the large bags also!
    Sharon M 9/15/2016 10:04:12 AM
    Love, love these addictive chips!! Bad news is no local store carries them - I have to order on line, but the online service is great !!
    Ron Kincaid 11/17/2015 7:58:51 AM
    Outstanding! I'm always leery when I see gluten free, but, due to some dietary restrictions trying to eat more. While walking through Sam's happened to see the black Japonica and bought one to try. Got home and tried them, went back and bought more. I absolutely loved them. The only problem now is finding them. Sam's and Walmart's stopped carrying the black Japonica, The only reason people aren't buying, is they've never tried them. Here's hoping more stores start carrying them...please. :)
    ELSIE 5/27/2015 7:06:14 PM
    all oil used are not healthy, canola, corn,and all oils are gmo, so not a good food for people who wants to be in good health no star, no rating, until oils used are healthy.
    Angela Powell 4/29/2015 5:13:04 PM
    Wow, I expected these to be something to fill my appetite along with healthy snack ..... WRONG! The taste is addictive, texture is great. I'm hooked!
    Kyra 4/21/2015 1:17:14 PM
    cal schneider 2/21/2015 5:15:02 PM
    Lov em.....why can't I order 10 20 OZ bags?
    Mia 1/16/2015 6:03:16 PM
    The Black Japonica Rice snacks are almost like tortilla chips, but much more satisfying. The crunch and flavor are almost addictive. I love these!
    Susan 1/1/2015 11:31:12 PM
    I'm impressed. I love Riceworks chips especially Wild rice chips but know they have added black Japonica and the combination of the black and mahogany rice is amazing-thank you. I have been eating black (forbidden) rice and red cargo rice for some time and was looking for a recipe to make them myself-now I don't have to. Awesome :)
    Derrick Brown 12/25/2014 5:48:43 PM
    Who ever created these chips need a raise, better yet, just let him own the company, this is the greatest flavor ever!!!
    Judith Despins 11/30/2014 6:10:47 PM
    Great Product!!!

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