Steven Surmay - Senior VP of Co-Pack Operations

Steven Surmay has been with Shearer’s since April 1982. During more than 30 years at the company, Steve has helped guide Shearer’s through monumental growth milestones. In his current position as Senior Vice President of Company-Pack Operations, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Shearer’s co-packaging partnership with Frito-Lay.

Steve’s first job at Shearer’s was as a warehouse laborer. He did that until he became Warehouse Supervisor in 1985. Two years later, he moved to the purchasing department while running Shearer’s traffic department. In 1990, Steve’s focus shifted from warehouse distribution to production when he became plant manager. He was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing in 1995.

As VP of Manufacturing, Steve was responsible for the design, engineering, construction and operations of a major expansion in 1998, which doubled Shearer’s plant size and added production capacity for a wider variety of snacks. Ultimately, this growth led to Shearer’s recognition as Snack Food Manufacturer of the Year in 2000. In 2007, Steve engineered, renovated and commissioned the Shearer’s Lubbock, TX facility which was the first off-site production expansion in Shearer’s history at the time.

Currently, Steve provides leadership for Shearer’s Frito-Lay co-packing partnership, which began in 2000 when Shearer’s began producing several varieties of kettle chips to be distributed by Frito-Lay. Specifically, he is responsible for areas including: production, innovation, engineering, maintenance, sanitation and quality assurance.

Steve resides in Ohio with his family, wife Stacie and daughter Sophia