Butter Corn Puffs

Popcorn, you’ve met your match! Shearer’s Butter Corn Puffs deliver the great popcorn taste you love without the troublesome hulls or un-popped kernels. For movie night, date night, or stay-at-home-and-snack night, pass on the popcorn and opt for Shearer’s Butter Corn Puffs. 

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    Enriched Degermed Yellow Corn Meal )Degerminated Yellow Corn Meal* Ferrou+ Sulfate* Niacin* Thiamin Mononitrate* Riboflavin* and Folic .cid/* 0egetable 1il )Contain+ 1ne or More of the Following: Corn* Sunflower* or Canola 1il/* Salt* Natural and .rtificial Butter Flavor )Partiall2 32drogenated So2bean 1il* Medium Chain Tr2igl2ceride+/
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