Scott Heldreth - Senior VP of Supply Chain/CIO

Scott joined the Shearer’s Snacks team in October 2001 as the company’s Chief Information Officer. With a background in technical and business systems consulting, Scott played a key role in designing and implementing several key IT systems that laid the technical foundation for our future growth.

During Scott’s 13 years at Shearer’s Snacks, the company has grown substantially – as has his role in it. While continuing to manage the company’s IT systems, Scott’s role has expanded to also manage the company’s supply chain, from procurement through distribution, including oversight of warehouses in 6 states and Canada.  With his technical aptitude and ability to manage complex systems, Scott plays a role in other areas of the business as well by implementing key technology systems and supporting processes.

As Scott has watched Shearer’s Snacks expand, often playing a key role in managing the company’s growth, he has also helped the company maintain its small feel through personal accountability and engagement throughout the supply chain. He understands how to effectively manage logistics and control inventory to keep Shearer’s products moving smoothly from production through distribution. With training in LEAN manufacturing, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methods, Scott continues to streamline Shearer’s processes to achieve quality throughout the supply chain. 

Scott received his bachelor’s degree in business communications from the University of Akron in 1994. An Ohio native, Scott is a sports enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his wife Betsy and their two young children at their home in Medina.