Kettle Cooked Chips Flavors

Reach for what's better in life and reach for your choice of Shearer's wide variety of Kettle Cooked flavors. Extra crunchy artisan chips, crafted in small batches and made even better with special flavors and varieties. These Shearer's Kettle Cooked Potato Chip flavors give you plenty of ways to show your taste while you enjoy ours.

OriginalOriginalKettle Cooked Chips
BBQMesquite BarbequeKettle Cooked Chips
Sea Salt and  PepperSalt and PepperKettle Cooked Chips
Sea Salt and VinegarSalt and VinegarKettle Cooked Chips
JalapenoHot Pepper JalapenoKettle Cooked Chips
Less FatReduced Fat OriginalKettle Cooked Chips