Puffs and Curls Flavors

Butter Puffs

Puffs and flicks go together like the perfect double feature. Next time you cozy down to watch your fave flick or take a chance on a new hit, grab a bag of Shearer's Butter Corn Puffs. They're popcorn without the popping, light and buttery with no kernels or hulls.

Shearer's Butter Corn Puffs have a rich, melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavor that's a perfect pairing when you pop in a DVD while you pop in one after another of these crunchy taste-blockbusters.

Our corn puffs are simply delicious because they're made simple, with only corn meal, water, natural and artificial butter flavor, and a gentle PUFF of air to give 'em that popcorn-like light and airy crunchiness. Watching movies and munching Shearer's Butter Corn Puffs match up like the screen's greatest romantic couples, the top buddy cops, or classic comedy duos. Laugh, cry, or groan, you'll like your flicks better when you have more puffs during the show. Print & Share >

Package Sizes

6 oz